Best Car Movies On Hulu (2023)

Let’s say you’re a fan of gears and Hulu is your favorite service. What are your options if you’re in the mood for commercial-free, car-oriented entertainment? Although movies can come and go from time to time, here are the best car movies on Hulu. Some might be called classics, some are newer, and some are obscure, but all of them are well worth your time.

#1: Ford vs. Ferrari

Directed by action director James Mangold (Logan, Badger, police land), ford vs ferrari tells the story of the moment when Ford (both the man and the company) decided to beat Ferrari (again, both the man and the company) at their own game in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Since then, the much-hyped 2019 movie has earned a reputation as one of the best car movies on Hulu.

Men behind the machines

FvF stars Matt Damon as the legendary Carroll Shelby and Batman himself, Christian Bale as Ken Miles. One thing Mangold is right about is that when he was motivated enough, Shelby was a tough son of a bitch. And Miles, while a great test and setup pilot, had an extremely short fuse. Damon and Bale collide like two big horns in May. There are other outstanding performances from the great Jon Bernthal as Lee Iacocca and Tracy Letts as Henry Ford II, CEO of Ford.

Ford vs. Ferrari: The Cars

Cars, our reason for being a reducer, are displayed with love. The action is more than just Le Mans, as there are club races from Daytona and SoCal and plenty of testing. The sound design is excellent, and the old Le Mans pits really take you back in time. Look ford vs ferrari, if nothing else, go for a trip down memory lane.

the great race

Sure, we all know how this turns out, but that doesn’t make Mangold’s version of the story any less entertaining or gripping. It’s not over until it’s over, as The Wise One said, it ends even here, that might not be enough. While all the racing is going on, there are behind-the-scenes schemes and machinations, personality conflicts and the like. All of that makes for a nice side dish for the main course.

#2: Initial D

To my surprise, I found out that Hulu has the original initial D in your lineup. Not the movie but the original anime series (although I recommend the movie as well). initial D You won’t need an introduction to the hardcore JDM types, but for those of you who don’t know, let me explain. It is a homegrown Japanese street racing show like Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, except its just fine. Very very good!

there is always a rivalry

Takumi Fujiwara is our main guy. Unassuming and aloof tofu delivery man, he is a Japanese boy with a rocket-hot AE86 that can zip through mountain bends in ways Vin Diesel could only dream of. There are race teams, rivalries, and egos galore; the Akina SpeedStars and the RedSuns are like the Jets and Sharks in West Side Story, both as long as enthusiasts of dramatic impulse are quick to recognize it.

Subtitled and dubbed

We get two seasons (80 episodes) of initial D anime on Hulu. You have the option of subtitled or dubbed. If you want the original, as seen in Japan, you can watch it with English subtitles. Are you okay with dubbing? So Hulu has you covered there too. Even if the JDM stuff isn’t your thing, check out initial D to see what all the fuss is about.

#3: Cars

The deservedly respected Pixar film somehow manages to entertain kids, adults, and fans all at the same time. It still holds up after all these years, and when you’re not laughing out loud, it’s amazing how precise every detail of the engine is.

Manufacturers we know and trust

cars is a Pixar set and was yet another in a long line of hits from the Emeryville-based animation studio. John Lasseter directed from a script by Lasseter, Dan Fogelman, Joe Ranft, Kiel Murray, Phil Lorin and Jorgen Klubien. What’s worth noting is that all of these Pixar employees are just like us. They all drive interesting vehicles, and Lasseter was known to have impromptu car shows on the Pixar lot. cars It’s a good movie because it was made by writers, directors, and animators who know what they’re doing.

Sure, some of the cars have a generic look (like Lightning McQueen), but the others are perfect right down to the bras. There are old tow trucks, hissing Fiats, 911s and beyond cool lowrider Impalas. The best is Newman’s 1951 Hudson Hornet. If you don’t understand how serious a ’51 Hornet can be, buy me a beer sometime and I’ll tell you.

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From Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman, by Matt Stone and Preston Lerner, published by Motorbooks.  Newman voiced Doc Hudson in Cars (best car movies on Hulu).
Of Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman, by Matt Stone and Preston Lerner, published by Motorbooks. Newman voiced Doc Hudson in cars.

voices we miss

To say the voice cast in cars it’s stellar understates it completely. Check him out: Owen Wilson, Bonnie Hunt, Larry the Cable Guy, Tony Shalhoub, Cheech Marin, George Carlin, and best of all, the aforementioned Paul Newman (Victorious It’s still one of our favorite movies. They even worked with Richard Petty, Humpy Wheeler, Darrell Waltrip, Dale Jr., and Michael Schumacher on the script.

Interestingly, the plot of cars it’s as old and worn as Mater’s fenders. Young Gun wants to win the big race, yadda yadda. Snore! How boring. But remember, Toys it was just a kids movie about toys coming to life (that’s not new either), and it will make you cry by the end. If you haven’t seen him in a long time, cars it’s probably better than you remember.

#4: Christine

Look, we’ve all had bad vehicles. We all have horror stories about breakdowns, money pits, and clunkers we couldn’t wait to get rid of (for me, it’s always Lucas’s “electrical systems”). But I bet none of us had a car literally trying to kill us. Such is the story of Christina, Based on the 1983 book by Stephen King and brought to life (literally) on screen by director John Carpenter.

Balanced and talented cast

The main cast was a group of then-unknown young actors who went on to have very productive careers. Keith Gordon stars as Arnie Cunningham, a nerdy guy who buys Christine a red 1958 Plymouth Fury fire truck. Christine has all the classic ingredients: a huge engine, vintage whitewall tires, blacked-out windows, and a mind of her own.

John Stockwell as Dennis Guilder, a former football player and Arnie’s best friend. Alexandra Paul as Leigh Cabot, Arnie’s on-and-off girlfriend; Let’s just say she’s a little threatened by Arnie’s car. The young stars are offset by some old and established talent like Robert Prosky as garage owner Will Darnell and the great Harry Dean Stanton as Detective Rudy Junkins.

good boys and bad boys

Like many of King’s stories, christina It has the standard, but well-loved characters, from the lonely overlooked boy and the overly cute girl to bullies, well-meaning old men, and just plain mean old men. More than 40 years later, King continues to be a bestseller with this methodology, and christina it has since become a cult classic.

#5: Driven

Thanks to the legendary Pontiac GTO, true gearheads have known the DeLorean name since the 1960s. However, those same gearheads were shaking their heads in the early ’80s when the entire DeLorean Motor saga began. Cars (DMC). Although the details of the DeLorean’s life are well known by now, one of the best car movies on Hulu is this 2018 movie directed by Nick Hamm, starring Jason Sudeikis, Judy Greer, and Lee Pace.

Cars and Cocaine

There’s a line uttered by Sudeikis, playing real-life FBI informant Jim Hoffman, that echoes what I told myself in 1982 when the words “DeLorean” and “cocaine” were conflated in every available document. . media outlet: “Who the hell is stupid enough to finance their car company with coke?” DeLorean’s company of unicorns went up in smoke, leaving a giant crater behind when he finally landed.

star cast

Pace pulls out a believable DeLorean, which wasn’t easy given the stature of the auto executive in his heyday. Pace has the same weird charisma the real DeLorean had, like a light you can’t help but look at, one he can turn on any time he chooses. Sudeikis doesn’t miss a beat as Hoffman, a desperate drug dealer now on a federal leash. And Judy Greer is impeccable as Sudeikis’ wife who says, “I’m trying to be supportive here.”

For us enthusiasts and enthusiasts, driven It’s a well-known story but one worth checking out if you’re looking for a good car movie to watch.

Are these the best car movies on Hulu?

For now, given how fast things come and go on our favorite streaming services! If you’re tired of toiling away on your car project and subscribe to Hulu, we’ve got you covered in the car movies department. Did we miss something? Anything else on Hulu? contact us On twitter and let us know.

Tony Borroz, a long-time writer for Automoblog, has worked on popular driving games as a content expert, as well as working for aerospace companies, software giants, and as a stuntman. He lives in the northeast corner of the most northwestern part of the Pacific Northwest.

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